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Our Story

We are Hendersonville's newest Med Spa, located right in the heart of Hendersonville,TN!

'Beautiful One' Med Spa & Salon got its name in honor of the Bible verse from the

Song of Solomon 2:10

"He calls me Beautiful One..."

We offer an array of revitalizing services & other indulgences designed to cater & appeal to everyone's specific needs to ensure you look & feel your best!

From designer cuts & colors to permanent cosmetics such as microblading, medical injectables (Dermal fillers & Botox), chemical peels, micro-needling, lash extensions, anti-aging treatments & more! We want your visit to elevate your mind & confidence!

The owner Bonnie Upton has had a successful business in Hendersonville, Tn, for over 30 years & has teamed up with renowned surgeon Dr. Ethan Kellum as the board of directors.

We have a wonderful staff with top-notch expertise to help assist you!

Bonnie Upton: Master Stylist & Permanent Cosmetic Artist,

Dana McDowell: Master Stylist and Permanent Cosmetic Artist

Taylor McHenry: Medical Aesthetician

Taylor Hadley: Stylist & Spa Assistant

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We strive to always improve on the natural beauty of our clients with style , education and product usage.

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Create in each one of our clients their own,

Beautiful One. Expelling upon their own personal style and complimenting there inner beauty for a look that is truly fabulous and unique to only themselves.

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